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Jersey Cash 5 Results

jersey cash 1Lottery is popular in every part of the world. People of all nations are enjoying playing various lottery games, and some of them have tasted the sweet wins that have changed their lives. Some wins are small, but you can still purchase something useful for yourself, your kids or your home. Some other prizes are so high, that you can start living a completely different life, and you can help the others who were less fortunate than you. If you live in the New Jersey area, then you definitely know all about New Jersey lottery. It offers so many games you can play, and if you are the fan of scratching tickets, lottery sells those as well.

When it comes to New Jersey Lottery Games, you can play several of them, such as: Jersey Cash 5, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 6 lotto game, Cash4Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball. The thing is, there is something for everyone. Some of those games are drawn once a day, or even twice a day, and some of them are drawn once or twice a week, depending on the game. One of the most popular daily games between players definitely is Jersey Cash 5 game. When people are waiting for the Jersey Cash 5 results, excitement is always high, because you never know – maybe you are the next winner. You can enjoy in this game every single day, and that is one of the main reasons why people of New Jersey area consider this game as one of the favorite ones. Do you want to know the odds of actually winning the lottery in New Jersey?

If you are not familiar with the Jersey Cash 5 rules, it is a pretty simple game to play. It is a game where you have to pick five numbers, from one to forty-three. The price per game is one dollar only. For all those who match the five number drawn, the top prize is jackpot that goes from $75,000. However, there are several possible prices, even for the people who did not match all five numbers. For example, the payout for those who match four numbers is $500m and for those who match 3 is $15. That is one more reason why you have to check the Jersey Cash 5 results each evening carefully, because maybe you won some of the prizes. Even if you missed the main one, maybe you match three or four numbers, and won something. With the New Jersey Lottery games, you can always try your luck. There are many interesting games, similar to Jersey 5 Cash rules, and the games that are different. Pick the one you like the most, and give it a shot. You never know, because perhaps, you will take some of the best and biggest prices. Lottery NJ Results can be found by visiting this website.